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The Lost King Book
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Daniel Fansler has known he wanted to be a writer since he was thirteen. His debut novel, The Lost King, was written and the world and peoples of Azar were born during his senior year in high school. He graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a BFA in Creative Writing, which helped him hone his book into what it is today. He lives in Fort Worth with his wife and his cat, Fluffykins.

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    The Lost King Book Cover image

    The Lost King

    For one thousand years the dwarves have lived within the Silent Mountains, isolated from the outside world. 

    It is a life Thuradin Stonebeard has always known and one he would never change. But when a sudden attack on the dwarven capital of Tinas Gran and a massive collapse of their tunnel systems results in the separation of their newly crowned king from his kingdom, Thuradin must do whatever it takes to get King Ronorim Ironaxe back on the throne. Even if it means leaving the mountains. 

    With a small band of dwarves, he must face the unknown dangers of the outside world of Azar. From monstrous beasts, to cunning humans, to the mysterious viatari, he knows it will take every ounce of courage, mettle, and strength he possesses to find their king and return home. But evil is stirring in Azar, one that the dwarves have long forgotten. One that will make Thuradin question everything he thought he knew about himself, his people, and the life he once held dear.

    What People Are Saying:

    Kelly Shorn Photo

    "This story is about more than just dwarves. Thuradin's journey to find his king explores the ideas of courage, loyalty, and what it truly means to be a leader."

    -- Kelley Schorn, 

    Blogger of Kelley Reviews

    John McDermott Image

    "Daniel Fansler's debut novel is a sprawling adventure in the Tolkien tradition with satisfying new twists to keep the journey fresh... an underground world of sword and sorcery sure to keep them hooked. This is the first in an epic series and readers will want to follow this band of warriors for pages to come." 

    -- John McDermott, 

    Author of The Idea of God in Tennessee

    Lauren Jeter Photo

    "In The Lost King, Fansler takes the trope of the hero's journey and turns it on its head... every adversary is humanized... Fans of worldbuilding will delight as he makes the everyday new and puts the fantastic within reach." 

    -- Kelley Schorn, 

    Blogger of Kelley Reviews

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